About Us

Sirius Solutions was founded
in 1998 in Houston, TX.

Since then, we have helped hundreds of companies
become stronger, more profitable, and always future-ready.

Our Expertise

We are a company run by former industry executives and professionals. Our sole purpose is to give you the solutions you need to achieve value while making your business more efficient, profitable, and always future-proof.


Our Philosophy

We deliver economic impact across all our projects. We bring our industry expertise and proven methodologies to every engagement so that we are able to deliver results and value.


Our Commitment
to Results

Our teams believe the future depends on the people who shape it. We form our teams based on your specific business situation, ensuring that you realize the outcome and economic impact you want. We are fully invested in your success.


Our Experience

We are game-changers because we always deliver real value creation to businesses everywhere. This is what unites our former industry senior executives and expert professionals from diversified industries across the globe—this is what sets us apart.

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